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Old life…new story

19 Jul

 I have a craving for another visit to the absolutely gorgeous Midlands for some second-hand shop rummaging with the best relic hunter I know…my gran – Shirley.

Whenever I go to second-hand shops, my first love is the black and white photos…I just want them, I want to take them home – and frame them. I want to know their stories. We are the VERY proud owners of some old snaps of our own – the oldest being one of my great-grandfather in 1903 when he was at school.

We have  pictures of Stefan’s grandparents on holiday, my moms gran on her wedding day, my father playing in a band, my mom in a pram, my gran on her gran’s lap… and a few arb ones of some distant ‘someones’ that no-ones quite sure who they are. We have a small pile on the floor that don’t fit on our wall…. (we need a bigger wall!!)

Here are some fab shots I got from my gran on our last visit…

That’s my gran on the left. 4 years after World war 2, and 6 years before the birth of my mother….. and her – stuck somewhere in the middle. That’s her cousin next to her.

This is her entry for a beauty contest she won first princess for in Margate in 1949. (second from right)

kind of sad that I take so many photos everyday… and yet have non printed and framed (although…walls are in shortage around here).

Feeling much happier I have my blog to showcase them – each individual moment carefully framed.

Heres a piece our little collection.

If you wondering what to get me for my b-day… (uh huh)

get down to your local pawn joint – cos Im going to start a scrapbook for arb B and W pics. (please put your 1 line description on the back of what you think the story is) A new life for those old pics.

All photos by me