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City lights

5 Jun

Every now and then you find yourself in a moment where your mind takes a snapshot. All your senses work together and you know its going to be a moment you remember forever. On Friday night as I stepped out of the lift onto the 22nd floor at Randlords – it happened to me.

Mobys Porcelain was playing, the sweet smell of bushveld wood burning, and the view over Joburg.

It was like being in Gotham City, the city sounds and buzz. I kept half expected Batman to land next to me on the balcony and the Bat signal to light up the dark night.

It made me feel a little excited, and a little nostalgic.

Once upon a time,  the city was the place to be – in the late 70s (just before I was born) my Mom and Dad used to party inside Ponte City (the tubular building that has made the Jozi skyline so unique). How cool?

I was lucky enough to get a tour (while at Wits Technikon studying Interior Design) to the 48th floor of the 54 floor apartment building, actually, maybe its more like I was lucky to get out unscathed from my tour. It was revolting…the rubbish piled up nearly 5 stories in the center of the tube. From the top, the birds eye view of Ellis Park (where the rugby world cup had taken place the year before) and a lot of Joburgs surrounds kinda took the attention off the filth. What a waste of a totally gorgeous view, I kept thinking. Since then, there has been a huge effort to clean parts of the old CBD up.

I love it that pieces of the city are being renewed –  🙂 , and it has some great trendy spots to visit  popping up all over –  with 70 Juta Street  , Arts on main (including a market on Sundays) the ever popular 12 decades hotel and of course Narina Trogan to name but a few.

The experience of the city at night, topped with the amazing pop up dining experience was honestly one for the memory box. It certainly wasn’t the last time I experience either of those…

So, watch out Jozi…here we come. Me and my ever adventurous partner in crime Stefan have you in our sights