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Kingdom of contrast

27 Jul

1158 kilometers, 6 friends, 6 kids, 3 days and a whole lot of contrast – our road trip to Lesotho was in one word – awesome.

I say a whole lot of contrast because Lesotho (while surrounded by South Africa) is nothing like SA. People are really destitute – and there is nothing for miles… except pure, raw beauty. We drove an hour into Lesotho once through the border to get to Maliba lodge, a 5 star lodge in the middle of nowhere. Infact…if you look at the map on the website, you will catch my drift. Just enough time to get a good feeling of the country, its people and its poverty. A country where in true African style, the monarchy live a lavish life, and its people suffer the consequences.

Through its tortured suffering, a true Kingdom never the less. Every bend a breath-taking view, every small village a sobering sight.

 When we arrived, I was awe-struck as to this treasure trove of  sites, literally tucked away in the folds of the valley, seemingly untouched.

Our cabin on the river was the perfect place to spend the weekend, snug and comfy. No warm water for showers did pose a small problem for the adults – but the kids enjoyed the 1 warm bath that seemed to be the daily quota.

The river that runs outside the cabin was ideal for putting our gumboots to the test. The top surface was frozen over, and Davon loved lifting the sheets up like a piece of glass (apparently like a superhero) while Caylee found her slice of river to suck.

After a good nights rest, the next morning we headed out to Afri ski. A first for all 4 of us, a day in the snow.

The excitement of the kids (and our) faces made the further 2 hour drive, (on some of the most dangerous roads I’ve ever been on) – absolutely worth it.  The ski slope is nestled in the  Mahlasela Valley, 3222 meters above sea level, we really were in the clouds.

The trip back to the lodge was much quieter than the one to the resort, with our little snow angels fast asleep after a very exciting day. After an early night for the littlins, the 6 of us were able to enjoy a good meal, some good laughs and some good gluwein.

Sunday mornings breakfast on the lodges balcony was the perfect end to the weekend. The lodges staff , amenities and incredible views are truly 5 star.

One last stop before heading home was the rock pools, where the 3 guys decided to brave the sub-zero water. A contrast to the snowy adventures from the day before. Seeing the same river had ice floating in it an hour prior…I was proud of them even considering to jump in.

The bravado demeanor very quickly turned to quiet, slightly blue quivers. They did a great job of getting us all home safe, even with their now slowed down heart rates.

I cant wait to go back and experience Lesotho’s glory again. My heart has a flame for the place – even though my fingers and toes are still slightly frozen.

Footnote: Ivan, Tracy, Erin and Adam Henin and Cuan, Louise, Jade and Nevada Demmer were our fabulous company for the weekend. Special times.