The grass is always greener (when its plastic)

21 May

 Theres been a change of plans in our lives – and it involves staying in our house of the past 6 years. We were hoping to find another bigger one this year – but alas, have decided to stay.

Besides the sense of frustration that has awoken, there’s a very small sense of relief. I will feel sad to leave our home where both Davon and Caylee spent the first part of their lives. (although, I think I will soon get over it when I am able to move a little more freely without tripping over a plastic stegosaurus) but being comfortable financially has scored higher on our chart so – it has been decided – here we stay for another little while

So (drum roll) – I’ve decided (been forced) ……  to fall in love with my home all over again. Looking around the place over the past few days, I realised I had forgotten why I love this place – its sure is where my heart is, so its got to be home.

A few ways I’ve decided to fall for our home : (a clip from the longer list)

1.)Find cute and clever storage ideas for Plastic stegosaurus (and friends)

2.)Throw out (donate to a school) things I was hoping to lose in the move (including my extensive design magazine collection (after a quick page through) with the world-wide web at my fingertips, that one will be easy-ish to over come  (or maybe this will move to the end of the list)

3.)Clean (sort out) garage – yes yes, finally. This task will include two pairs of boxing gloves for Stefan and I and a ‘little red bin’

4.) TLC to areas that we’ve neglected

Starting with our ‘ tubby garden ‘ this is an area on the south side of our house where nothing grows, we laid duraturf which has been awesome, now just need to find some sort of colour – considering lasercut flowers (?)

Our always green grass


Grass on the other side

(pics by me)

Our patio – otherwise known as the place of no seating (no pic – too depressing)

Our book shelf (I love ours, just want to pack all books into matching colour) Ok, this isn’t a have to do, but damn I have so wanted to for ages…. pretty!! full of potential !!

And so the list grows…  🙂

So – Here goes.

I’ve been doing so much inspiration surfing, that I believe it’s all going to be possible. In fact, I’m looking quiet forward to it.

So sometimes the grass does look greener on the other side – chances are, its plastic! 🙂

(Secondary note: After reading this post again, seems I may need to find a cute and clever way to hang little pairs of Wellingtons too)


Ask yourself, Do I feel lucky? Well…do ya?

11 May

A question that is recommended to ask someone when interviewing them (something I’ve only recently learned because suddenly I’m interviewing…not being interviewed anymore) is – “Do you consider yourself a lucky person?”

Tough question – the way I see it is – no wrong answer… but the way you answer can really change someones perception of you.

I gave it a lot of thought, and I think I am lucky. I make my own luck.

Luck to me is often attitude. Maybe with a dash of circumstance, a touch of who you know and a twist of being in the right place at the right time and a whole lot of what makes you who you are

Now, I never win competitions, or hit the jackpot when trying the slot machines .. .but a talent that I do have is finding four leaf clovers, it’s a skill I never knew I had, until one day at Emmerentia dam, it just happened. I always know if I’m going to find one or not  –  this isn’t a case of being physic or anything but probably more to do with the law of averages.

Circumstances and all that – I normally find one when there’s  luscious juicy green grass, (making a home for a bunch of clovers), and if there’s generally water close by and bonus if there are trees.

Its been estimated that there are approximately 10 000 3 leaf clovers for every 4 leaf – which means I have a 1 in 10 000 chance of getting lucky. (makes me feel even luckier)

The clovers I have only ever found come from the White Clover plant, trifolium repens, considered to be the Original Shamrock.

Shamrock Sunday

The most I found in one day is 7, I have given some away to people, but they just don’t last. I’ve often considered making little resin moulds and suspending them in there – and maybe some clever person will turn them into brooches, or pendants. 🙂


Dav clover hunting


I have now got my whole family into it, and its such fun spending a part of a lazy afternoon on our knees crawling around looking for what we call ‘lucky stars’.

Stefan with the find of the day

So… if you wanna get lucky, get down on your knees, pull up your sleeves and start the (pleasant and rewarding) slogging.

You never know – you may just be luckier than you thought.

Slice of Rainbow

10 May

When catching up on a bit of inspiration earlier, I read the follow-up from lucky pony and my giddy aunt    about amazing colourful cakes they made.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m no baker – but a big fan of baked goodies.

While driving to school one day in another powerful Jozi thunderstorm and talking about Rainbows, Davon asked me if we could bake a Rainbow cake. After a good 5 minute sales pitch and negotiation on why Grandma is better at that than me, his final verdict was ‘No, you mom’ and so…project Rainbow Cake began.

I checked out a few sites, and decided that baking one cake (rather than 7 layers) was the way to go for me. I checked the pictures on Not quite nigella and got the general idea.

It ended up being loads of fun, and quite delicious if I could say so myself. (Once the comments like ‘whoa, that is colourful’ and ‘flip, is this going to dye my teeth’ and ‘crickey’  subsided  – the Rainbow was devoured with not a crumb to tell the tale.

YAY!! here it is…our little (or not so little – who’s judging) slice of Rainbow

TIP: I don’t have any  🙂 , but would love to hear if you do

Ode to GG (My Mother)

8 May


Being on the other side of Mothersday made me realise just how much sacrifice, love, understanding, compassion, patience, sleepless nights and money my mom has given me over the years.

Role of mother is the hardest of all, but oh so 100 percent the most rewarding. Dont know what I would do without Mom, GG, Pog, Gay Gay, Marms….and above all  – friend. A true inspiration and more often than not my corner-stone.

Ode to you Mom. Thankyou. Today and everyday.

I just hope my ducklings will look up to me as much as I do to you.

When life hands you lemons

Today was fun… reminded me of what you always say – when life hands you lemons, make lemonade

Diamond in the rough

8 May

Cullinan is a gem in the middle of nowhere. I didnt realise that it was so close – the home of the biggest rough gem quality diamond ever found.  3106.75 carats to be exact. Todays visit was both inspiring and thought provoking… 2 hours from Joburg – well worth the visit.

Firstly, my love for a good story – esspecially a local one. Stefan did some Wikipedia surfing on the Cullinan Diamond on our way home while I drove through a mild but still beautiful Jozi thunderstorm. Its not only is an intresting story on its incredible size, but an amusing one on its travels to the UK to become part of the crown jewels (which seemed apt regarding lasts weeks celebrations)

Secondly, my love for a good shop (or browse more like it) – I put together two collections of photos I took today

(all photos by me)

Teal, Red and a touch of Sunshine

Green, Blue and bits of Rust

I really enjoy seeing reuse of old materials and things reinvented. The shops in Cullinan are full with all sorts of treasures.

Reinventing I think is not only the art of changing somethings use , but also of looking at something in a new light, and taking it from being an old rusty cup – to a gorgeous wind chime.

Wind Chime

So, I guess reinventing can also apply to friendships (and relationships). As life (and kids) change us… all us rusty cups can be reinvented into a windchime, same cup – new vibe…

So glad I kept all those rusty cups.

The Hazeldene Food market in Pretoria for dinner with a difference was the perfect ending to the day. Nearly impossible to choose what to eat (there really was something for everyone) …and the mojitos were fabulous.

Crown Jewels

3 May

Seeing it was the day of the Royal wedding between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge… we thought it would be fun to find a few Crown Jewels of our own. Its incredible the stuff people collect…and what makes them happy

All photos taken by me

3’s no crowd

3 May

Things do seem to happen in 3’s… and so did our holiday.

Beaches and Cream. It was so great to get to chill and really soak up the Autumn rays on the beach with my family. One thing I realised spending a day on the very crowded Margate beach that every time Stefan and I decide to rather go to the seaside ‘out of season’ because its quieter, and less annoying – our kids experience one less amazing thing. I closed my eyes a few times and just listened, and the sound of laughing, waves, chatting, ice cream bike bells…reminded me of my childhood doing the same thing. Our last ocean visit to Wilderness we went out of season (as we always try to do) – and it was just us – and we loved it – but Davon kept looking around for something to happen. The plastic windmills, beach balls, grass hats, bright coloured beach bags that were for sale got me thinking how much ‘old school’ stuff our kids will miss out on because we are trying (desperately) to escape the over populated, over stimulating, over commercializing of anything. Made a note to myself to try and find more of a balance – and every now and then, throw in a crazy day joining the crowds and being one of the masses. Buying this Margate T-shit for Caylee was so against my grain…and I just loved seeing her in it.  🙂

HOG – On the last night, we managed to go to Bikers week, a Harley Davidson extravaganza of long (mostly grey) beards and leather jackets. It was so much fun to get down to a few ACDC and Metallica Tunes – it had been awhile.  The Harley owners group (HOG) really did know how to party and put Stefan and I to shame when we (tail between our legs) left at 11.30

On our way back to the flat we started talking about how much things have changed around Margate since we last partied there , I remembered about my gran telling me about her entering a Miss Margate pageant years ago. We had decided to go to Howick the next day on our way home (2.5 hours away) and watch the Royal wedding with my very royalist Gran, and try get some photos out of her

Falling for Howick – spending our last day of holiday in Howick was the perfect end to a really great break. I always want to live there when I’m there. It’s either the loads of second-hand shops, or the picturesque view. I managed to get some great old pics and cherished every moment listening to my Grans stories and being surrounded by her precious things. You can learn a lot from someone who’s been around for 80 years.


All photos taken by me

27 Apr

Theres something pretty awesome about kite flying, especially when its windy. Today was that day.  Theres an amazing sense of achievement that comes with getting the kite to fly (high). I love that feeling…. the one of achievment and the one of flying kites. 🙂

So sense of achievement being todays drug,  Enter: SHUGAPLUM. My blog. Finally.

Been looking forward to this – so, here we go….

All photos taken by me