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Lessons from Cupcakes

17 Jul

You can learn a lot from making cupcakes, theyre tiny bite sized chunks of homemade happiness.



8 Jul

Steampunkery is a style I find myself quite strangely drawn to…

Wikipedia says –

Steampunk involves a setting where steam power  is still widely used—usually the Victorian era  Britain —that incorporates elements of either science fiction or fantasy. Works of steampunk often feature anachronistic  technology  or futuristic innovations as Victorians may have envisioned  them; based on a Victorian perspective on fashion , culture , architectural style , art , etc. “

The new Sherlock Holmes movie has quite a few references to this style. I like!

Christopher Lloyd in back to the Future 2, and the 4 non blondes also seemed to be fans. Not everyone’s cuppa…but certainly very visually interesting

Crown Jewels

3 May

Seeing it was the day of the Royal wedding between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge… we thought it would be fun to find a few Crown Jewels of our own. Its incredible the stuff people collect…and what makes them happy

All photos taken by me

3’s no crowd

3 May

Things do seem to happen in 3’s… and so did our holiday.

Beaches and Cream. It was so great to get to chill and really soak up the Autumn rays on the beach with my family. One thing I realised spending a day on the very crowded Margate beach that every time Stefan and I decide to rather go to the seaside ‘out of season’ because its quieter, and less annoying – our kids experience one less amazing thing. I closed my eyes a few times and just listened, and the sound of laughing, waves, chatting, ice cream bike bells…reminded me of my childhood doing the same thing. Our last ocean visit to Wilderness we went out of season (as we always try to do) – and it was just us – and we loved it – but Davon kept looking around for something to happen. The plastic windmills, beach balls, grass hats, bright coloured beach bags that were for sale got me thinking how much ‘old school’ stuff our kids will miss out on because we are trying (desperately) to escape the over populated, over stimulating, over commercializing of anything. Made a note to myself to try and find more of a balance – and every now and then, throw in a crazy day joining the crowds and being one of the masses. Buying this Margate T-shit for Caylee was so against my grain…and I just loved seeing her in it.  🙂

HOG – On the last night, we managed to go to Bikers week, a Harley Davidson extravaganza of long (mostly grey) beards and leather jackets. It was so much fun to get down to a few ACDC and Metallica Tunes – it had been awhile.  The Harley owners group (HOG) really did know how to party and put Stefan and I to shame when we (tail between our legs) left at 11.30

On our way back to the flat we started talking about how much things have changed around Margate since we last partied there , I remembered about my gran telling me about her entering a Miss Margate pageant years ago. We had decided to go to Howick the next day on our way home (2.5 hours away) and watch the Royal wedding with my very royalist Gran, and try get some photos out of her

Falling for Howick – spending our last day of holiday in Howick was the perfect end to a really great break. I always want to live there when I’m there. It’s either the loads of second-hand shops, or the picturesque view. I managed to get some great old pics and cherished every moment listening to my Grans stories and being surrounded by her precious things. You can learn a lot from someone who’s been around for 80 years.


All photos taken by me

27 Apr

Theres something pretty awesome about kite flying, especially when its windy. Today was that day.  Theres an amazing sense of achievement that comes with getting the kite to fly (high). I love that feeling…. the one of achievment and the one of flying kites. 🙂

So sense of achievement being todays drug,  Enter: SHUGAPLUM. My blog. Finally.

Been looking forward to this – so, here we go….

All photos taken by me