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Blessings – big, small and snoring

20 Jun

Its been just a little over a week since devastation and chaos hit my life, you see  – everything materialistic that is close to my heart got swiped out of my life in one very very foul swoop. My car was broken into and my laptop, handbag, camera and a few other precious belongings were cruelly taken. Officially been in mourning. No – genuinely and seriously sad. It’s like a violation and frustration beyond measure.

 But – my big girl brookes once again come out and, I am now officially letting it go. So – breathe….  and there.

Now – for picking up the pieces.

The first thing was to get a new laptop (that is, besides the frustration of all my official documents – ID, drivers, bank cards etc…) –  my ever amazing and brainiac nerd of a husband did his usual research (to the tune of my moping) and found me a beaute. A cuter, lighter, whizzier model – with keys that light up to boot. Its taken me a few dates to get to know the guy…but I think me and my Dell are ready to move to second base. One or two minor glitches, but generally a big  improvement. Sigh.

Next on the agenda – my deeply beloved camera… just when I had fallen so crazy for it. Once again, a fabulous, easy to use (with awesome results) Canon, carefully picked just for me by that ever amazing brainiac man of mine. This poses a huge problem for my hording side. (The camera was starting to help with my deep need of collecting stuff, it allows me to collect the photos of the stuff instead) I’ve found myself in at least 5 great photo opportunities since the tragedy. Deeper sigh and gritted teeth.

The other precious belongings (my stunning grey handbag, jacket, watch and other items to many to mention) cannot be replaced – well not easily anyway. Lucky for me, I’m versatile, and so open to some suggestions (and gifts of course).

Somehow, I’ve made it through the week, with the odd reminiscence of the moment of the loss.(its been 10 days, 5 hours and a few minutes since) and so – actually, maybe the loss wasnt so bad after all. I mean – there are a few things I can think of that I actually couldnt breathe without…3 to be exact, and they are all peacefully sleeping right now in my care. 🙂 so whats a little bump in the road?

The Burning house is a website I’ve stumbled across through my daily blog reading…the concept is: If your house was burning, what would you take with you? It’s a conflict between what’s practical, valuable and sentimental. What you would take reflects your interests, background and priorities. Think of it as an interview condensed into one question.

I just love looking at it and seeing what people would grab. Makes my sit in wonderment at how each human has their own things that make them tick.

As soon as I get a new camera, I’m gonna take a pic of mine and Stefan’s collections  – to see how two people who live in the same home with the same things would choose different items.

Below are some examples from the site


And so…. stock take time. Stop the fussing, and the pouting… and count those blessings, 1 by 1 –  no matter how small (or snoring).





City lights

5 Jun

Every now and then you find yourself in a moment where your mind takes a snapshot. All your senses work together and you know its going to be a moment you remember forever. On Friday night as I stepped out of the lift onto the 22nd floor at Randlords – it happened to me.

Mobys Porcelain was playing, the sweet smell of bushveld wood burning, and the view over Joburg.

It was like being in Gotham City, the city sounds and buzz. I kept half expected Batman to land next to me on the balcony and the Bat signal to light up the dark night.

It made me feel a little excited, and a little nostalgic.

Once upon a time,  the city was the place to be – in the late 70s (just before I was born) my Mom and Dad used to party inside Ponte City (the tubular building that has made the Jozi skyline so unique). How cool?

I was lucky enough to get a tour (while at Wits Technikon studying Interior Design) to the 48th floor of the 54 floor apartment building, actually, maybe its more like I was lucky to get out unscathed from my tour. It was revolting…the rubbish piled up nearly 5 stories in the center of the tube. From the top, the birds eye view of Ellis Park (where the rugby world cup had taken place the year before) and a lot of Joburgs surrounds kinda took the attention off the filth. What a waste of a totally gorgeous view, I kept thinking. Since then, there has been a huge effort to clean parts of the old CBD up.

I love it that pieces of the city are being renewed –  🙂 , and it has some great trendy spots to visit  popping up all over –  with 70 Juta Street  , Arts on main (including a market on Sundays) the ever popular 12 decades hotel and of course Narina Trogan to name but a few.

The experience of the city at night, topped with the amazing pop up dining experience was honestly one for the memory box. It certainly wasn’t the last time I experience either of those…

So, watch out Jozi…here we come. Me and my ever adventurous partner in crime Stefan have you in our sights

Cape of good times

2 Jun

I felt a little guilty sitting on the plane home from Cape Town on Sunday night. It was a little like what I guess Francesca Johnson felt like in The bridges over Madison County… 3 days falling in love with something , romancing it – and then at the end of it all, facing reality, putting on your big girl brooks and getting on with your life. I have always been a Jozi girl, and have pledged allegiance to the smog and vibe – I have it tattooed onto my soul, and my first love will always be Joburg.

But there’s no denying it…there’s just something about Cape Town.

We started our weekend going up the cable cars , the weather was so kind to us – giving us blue skies and a breath-taking view (the gusts of wind were also a little breath-taking I must admit) Each view was more exquisite than the next

The Two Oceans Aquarium the next day was also such a treat – and the excited squeals from the kids made it even more worthwhile . I was so impressed how every staff member that we came into contact with went out of their way to interact with us, a knowledgable, friendly bunch.

Besides the abundant ocean life, clean tanks (still amazing to me because we can’t even keep our tiny pool blue), easy access and really amazing displays – there’s a fantastic play area downstairs for the kids to be entertained while looking into a tank and penguin pen, and cherry on the top? – coffee on tap for the exhausted moms and over stimulated dads. A general winner of an outing…and a must see for anyone.

The Jelly fish were the stars of my show, and the roving eye that Soles have, was my interesting fact for the day (weird and kinda eerie…but intersting)

Box Jelly fish with shrimp lunch

After the aquarium, we went for a walk on Camps bay beach. I just kept thinking on the drive there – THIS only 2 hours away from home?  Honestly quite beautiful.

On Sunday it was rainy and windy…so we decided to go to the Museum, (Iziko) where the Dinosaur skeletons kept Davon amused. I was really looking forward to seeing the Tretchikoff exhibit…but the kids weren’t keen at all… so we ventured to Deerpark for lunch and some outside play time under the Mediterranean pines (which are quite majestic…alien or not) Caylee kept dancing around in the wind laughing.

It was special to get to hang out with our good friends The Bones – V , Tony and Owen. Since they’ve moved to Cape town in October, our visits have been few, and because I didn’t get to see that exhibition (which runs until October 2011) I think another visit is a must !

So back to reality it is, in the city of Gold-en opportunities.

Looking forward to my next Jozi adventure on Friday night – our first pop up dining experience (Guerrilla Cheffing) …being held in the fabulous Randlords in Braamfontein.

What better way to fall back in love with Johannesburg than with a 360 degree view, great company and excellent cuisine. There may not be a mountain… but in a pink sunset, the mine dumps do look very pretty.

Buoys then boys …

26 May

Its been 5 years since we went on our Honeymoon to ‘the Med’ and just over 9 years since we’ve been married (uh huh , that’s right, something isn’t adding up here)

When we got married, instead of going on a mediocre Honeymoon, we decided to save up and go on a seriously kick ass trip. And THAT.WE.DID.

My mom was cleaning out some old files over the weekend, and when I popped in on Monday she gave me an envelope with a few of my things she had found. One of them was an old passport from the late 80s (including a very bad photo in which I look like the daughter in that Tony Danza movie  – she’s out of control) BEFORE the amazing change…. decided against posting a copy of the pic…

In the same pile was an itinerary of our trip –

Dubai – Piraeus(Greece) > Piraeus – Izmir(Turkey) > Izmir (Turkey) – Istanbul > Istanbul (Turkey) – Mykanos > Mykanos (Greece) – Dubrovnik  > Dubrovnik (Croatia)- Split > Split (Croatia)- Venice > Venice (Italy) – Rome… Rome (Italy) >and then Home

How awesome?

It was such a romantic and special trip, and so inspiring. Not a week goes by that I don’t think of something we did, or we saw…and I just cant wait to go back.

Because our trip was in May, its kind of the anniversary of it. There was one day we spent on the ship (Marco Polo such a gorgeous grand dame, and ex russian Ice breaker, a beautiful ship un-commercialised as far as cruise ships go) that I was so sea sick , and no-one else was… that’s probably because there were no waves.

Little did I know, I was already pregnant with Davon.

During our 2 weeks, there were way too many gorgeous sites and things to behold…but we managed to purchase a little treasure in every city. My favorite by far was the ring I found in a tiny shop in Venice.

It’s a combination of pewter and what I guess domed resin  – enveloping prints of different Madonna and child images.

It reminds me of Venice, and of us celebrating our marriage and of being pregnant… all such great memories.

It reminds me of the first moments of being a mother, and me not even beginning to fathom the amazing journey I was about to embark on (as soon as I got back from my other amazing journey)

It reminds me of the little treasures I see in my children every day – and how lucky I am that I don’t have to search for them in a little shop, down a little alley, in a foreign city, a million miles away…but the are beautifully wrapped up for me every day in their precious smiles.

The grass is always greener (when its plastic)

21 May

 Theres been a change of plans in our lives – and it involves staying in our house of the past 6 years. We were hoping to find another bigger one this year – but alas, have decided to stay.

Besides the sense of frustration that has awoken, there’s a very small sense of relief. I will feel sad to leave our home where both Davon and Caylee spent the first part of their lives. (although, I think I will soon get over it when I am able to move a little more freely without tripping over a plastic stegosaurus) but being comfortable financially has scored higher on our chart so – it has been decided – here we stay for another little while

So (drum roll) – I’ve decided (been forced) ……  to fall in love with my home all over again. Looking around the place over the past few days, I realised I had forgotten why I love this place – its sure is where my heart is, so its got to be home.

A few ways I’ve decided to fall for our home : (a clip from the longer list)

1.)Find cute and clever storage ideas for Plastic stegosaurus (and friends)

2.)Throw out (donate to a school) things I was hoping to lose in the move (including my extensive design magazine collection (after a quick page through) with the world-wide web at my fingertips, that one will be easy-ish to over come  (or maybe this will move to the end of the list)

3.)Clean (sort out) garage – yes yes, finally. This task will include two pairs of boxing gloves for Stefan and I and a ‘little red bin’

4.) TLC to areas that we’ve neglected

Starting with our ‘ tubby garden ‘ this is an area on the south side of our house where nothing grows, we laid duraturf which has been awesome, now just need to find some sort of colour – considering lasercut flowers (?)

Our always green grass


Grass on the other side

(pics by me)

Our patio – otherwise known as the place of no seating (no pic – too depressing)

Our book shelf (I love ours, just want to pack all books into matching colour) Ok, this isn’t a have to do, but damn I have so wanted to for ages…. pretty!! full of potential !!

And so the list grows…  🙂

So – Here goes.

I’ve been doing so much inspiration surfing, that I believe it’s all going to be possible. In fact, I’m looking quiet forward to it.

So sometimes the grass does look greener on the other side – chances are, its plastic! 🙂

(Secondary note: After reading this post again, seems I may need to find a cute and clever way to hang little pairs of Wellingtons too)