Buoys then boys …

26 May

Its been 5 years since we went on our Honeymoon to ‘the Med’ and just over 9 years since we’ve been married (uh huh , that’s right, something isn’t adding up here)

When we got married, instead of going on a mediocre Honeymoon, we decided to save up and go on a seriously kick ass trip. And THAT.WE.DID.

My mom was cleaning out some old files over the weekend, and when I popped in on Monday she gave me an envelope with a few of my things she had found. One of them was an old passport from the late 80s (including a very bad photo in which I look like the daughter in that Tony Danza movie  – she’s out of control) BEFORE the amazing change…. decided against posting a copy of the pic…

In the same pile was an itinerary of our trip –

Dubai – Piraeus(Greece) > Piraeus – Izmir(Turkey) > Izmir (Turkey) – Istanbul > Istanbul (Turkey) – Mykanos > Mykanos (Greece) – Dubrovnik  > Dubrovnik (Croatia)- Split > Split (Croatia)- Venice > Venice (Italy) – Rome… Rome (Italy) >and then Home

How awesome?

It was such a romantic and special trip, and so inspiring. Not a week goes by that I don’t think of something we did, or we saw…and I just cant wait to go back.

Because our trip was in May, its kind of the anniversary of it. There was one day we spent on the ship (Marco Polo such a gorgeous grand dame, and ex russian Ice breaker, a beautiful ship un-commercialised as far as cruise ships go) that I was so sea sick , and no-one else was… that’s probably because there were no waves.

Little did I know, I was already pregnant with Davon.

During our 2 weeks, there were way too many gorgeous sites and things to behold…but we managed to purchase a little treasure in every city. My favorite by far was the ring I found in a tiny shop in Venice.

It’s a combination of pewter and what I guess domed resin  – enveloping prints of different Madonna and child images.

It reminds me of Venice, and of us celebrating our marriage and of being pregnant… all such great memories.

It reminds me of the first moments of being a mother, and me not even beginning to fathom the amazing journey I was about to embark on (as soon as I got back from my other amazing journey)

It reminds me of the little treasures I see in my children every day – and how lucky I am that I don’t have to search for them in a little shop, down a little alley, in a foreign city, a million miles away…but the are beautifully wrapped up for me every day in their precious smiles.


One Response to “Buoys then boys …”

  1. marcussorour May 26, 2011 at 8:55 pm #

    Travel is good for the soul. It’s good to see you blogging! Keep it up.

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