The grass is always greener (when its plastic)

21 May

 Theres been a change of plans in our lives – and it involves staying in our house of the past 6 years. We were hoping to find another bigger one this year – but alas, have decided to stay.

Besides the sense of frustration that has awoken, there’s a very small sense of relief. I will feel sad to leave our home where both Davon and Caylee spent the first part of their lives. (although, I think I will soon get over it when I am able to move a little more freely without tripping over a plastic stegosaurus) but being comfortable financially has scored higher on our chart so – it has been decided – here we stay for another little while

So (drum roll) – I’ve decided (been forced) ……  to fall in love with my home all over again. Looking around the place over the past few days, I realised I had forgotten why I love this place – its sure is where my heart is, so its got to be home.

A few ways I’ve decided to fall for our home : (a clip from the longer list)

1.)Find cute and clever storage ideas for Plastic stegosaurus (and friends)

2.)Throw out (donate to a school) things I was hoping to lose in the move (including my extensive design magazine collection (after a quick page through) with the world-wide web at my fingertips, that one will be easy-ish to over come  (or maybe this will move to the end of the list)

3.)Clean (sort out) garage – yes yes, finally. This task will include two pairs of boxing gloves for Stefan and I and a ‘little red bin’

4.) TLC to areas that we’ve neglected

Starting with our ‘ tubby garden ‘ this is an area on the south side of our house where nothing grows, we laid duraturf which has been awesome, now just need to find some sort of colour – considering lasercut flowers (?)

Our always green grass


Grass on the other side

(pics by me)

Our patio – otherwise known as the place of no seating (no pic – too depressing)

Our book shelf (I love ours, just want to pack all books into matching colour) Ok, this isn’t a have to do, but damn I have so wanted to for ages…. pretty!! full of potential !!

And so the list grows…  🙂

So – Here goes.

I’ve been doing so much inspiration surfing, that I believe it’s all going to be possible. In fact, I’m looking quiet forward to it.

So sometimes the grass does look greener on the other side – chances are, its plastic! 🙂

(Secondary note: After reading this post again, seems I may need to find a cute and clever way to hang little pairs of Wellingtons too)

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