Ask yourself, Do I feel lucky? Well…do ya?

11 May

A question that is recommended to ask someone when interviewing them (something I’ve only recently learned because suddenly I’m interviewing…not being interviewed anymore) is – “Do you consider yourself a lucky person?”

Tough question – the way I see it is – no wrong answer… but the way you answer can really change someones perception of you.

I gave it a lot of thought, and I think I am lucky. I make my own luck.

Luck to me is often attitude. Maybe with a dash of circumstance, a touch of who you know and a twist of being in the right place at the right time and a whole lot of what makes you who you are

Now, I never win competitions, or hit the jackpot when trying the slot machines .. .but a talent that I do have is finding four leaf clovers, it’s a skill I never knew I had, until one day at Emmerentia dam, it just happened. I always know if I’m going to find one or not  –  this isn’t a case of being physic or anything but probably more to do with the law of averages.

Circumstances and all that – I normally find one when there’s  luscious juicy green grass, (making a home for a bunch of clovers), and if there’s generally water close by and bonus if there are trees.

Its been estimated that there are approximately 10 000 3 leaf clovers for every 4 leaf – which means I have a 1 in 10 000 chance of getting lucky. (makes me feel even luckier)

The clovers I have only ever found come from the White Clover plant, trifolium repens, considered to be the Original Shamrock.

Shamrock Sunday

The most I found in one day is 7, I have given some away to people, but they just don’t last. I’ve often considered making little resin moulds and suspending them in there – and maybe some clever person will turn them into brooches, or pendants. 🙂


Dav clover hunting


I have now got my whole family into it, and its such fun spending a part of a lazy afternoon on our knees crawling around looking for what we call ‘lucky stars’.

Stefan with the find of the day

So… if you wanna get lucky, get down on your knees, pull up your sleeves and start the (pleasant and rewarding) slogging.

You never know – you may just be luckier than you thought.

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