Slice of Rainbow

10 May

When catching up on a bit of inspiration earlier, I read the follow-up from lucky pony and my giddy aunt    about amazing colourful cakes they made.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m no baker – but a big fan of baked goodies.

While driving to school one day in another powerful Jozi thunderstorm and talking about Rainbows, Davon asked me if we could bake a Rainbow cake. After a good 5 minute sales pitch and negotiation on why Grandma is better at that than me, his final verdict was ‘No, you mom’ and so…project Rainbow Cake began.

I checked out a few sites, and decided that baking one cake (rather than 7 layers) was the way to go for me. I checked the pictures on Not quite nigella and got the general idea.

It ended up being loads of fun, and quite delicious if I could say so myself. (Once the comments like ‘whoa, that is colourful’ and ‘flip, is this going to dye my teeth’ and ‘crickey’  subsided  – the Rainbow was devoured with not a crumb to tell the tale.

YAY!! here it is…our little (or not so little – who’s judging) slice of Rainbow

TIP: I don’t have any  🙂 , but would love to hear if you do

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