Diamond in the rough

8 May

Cullinan is a gem in the middle of nowhere. I didnt realise that it was so close – the home of the biggest rough gem quality diamond ever found.  3106.75 carats to be exact. Todays visit was both inspiring and thought provoking… 2 hours from Joburg – well worth the visit.

Firstly, my love for a good story – esspecially a local one. Stefan did some Wikipedia surfing on the Cullinan Diamond on our way home while I drove through a mild but still beautiful Jozi thunderstorm. Its not only is an intresting story on its incredible size, but an amusing one on its travels to the UK to become part of the crown jewels (which seemed apt regarding lasts weeks celebrations)

Secondly, my love for a good shop (or browse more like it) – I put together two collections of photos I took today

(all photos by me)

Teal, Red and a touch of Sunshine

Green, Blue and bits of Rust

I really enjoy seeing reuse of old materials and things reinvented. The shops in Cullinan are full with all sorts of treasures.

Reinventing I think is not only the art of changing somethings use , but also of looking at something in a new light, and taking it from being an old rusty cup – to a gorgeous wind chime.

Wind Chime

So, I guess reinventing can also apply to friendships (and relationships). As life (and kids) change us… all us rusty cups can be reinvented into a windchime, same cup – new vibe…

So glad I kept all those rusty cups.

The Hazeldene Food market in Pretoria for dinner with a difference was the perfect ending to the day. Nearly impossible to choose what to eat (there really was something for everyone) …and the mojitos were fabulous.

One Response to “Diamond in the rough”

  1. Nadia - Cupcake Couture May 9, 2011 at 4:36 pm #

    Such a lovely batch of photos!
    Colourful and inspiring.
    Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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